If you have ever been ( or still are) a band kid, you understand the struggle of being in band. Everyone has their own definition on how the band should be run and who should be running it. This can be especially hard for the band director and the Drum Majors. I can speak from experience as one of the Drum Majors in my band. As a leader you have to do whats best for your band, and since your leader you most likely know what is best. However, you also probably have many people who think that they know better than you when it comes to leading the band. You may also have the students who believe that since you are friends with them, they should get special treatment. Unfortunately for them, they don’t understand the point of being the leader is that you don’t favor certain people and you get the job done correctly no matter what it takes. That means if someone walks in late, you mark them late even if they are you friend. Getting that point across can be quite different for those who have never been a leader before or have never taken it seriously. Then there are also going to be those student who will look at you as only a friend and not a leader and ignore all of your commands as Drum Major. When that happens, your life gets even more difficult as you have to reprimand them as a Leader of the Band and not friend as all, which can damage your relationship with the band a little bit. Its all about balance.  One rule that I always keep close to me at this point is that being a Leader is only 10% conducting, its 90% people. I never thought of it that way but its incredibly true. I can stand and conduct but yet be the worst leader in the world and get nothing accomplished. Its a balancing act of leading the band and working with everyone else. I hope you enjoy this post and have a Happy and Safe Holiday!

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