Everyone reaches a point in their life when they are so overwhelmed that they reach a feeling on numb. I used to feel that a lot and i still do. Its the worst feeling in the world, because its like everything around you left and your being hurt by nothingness. I know i haven’t posted in a while. I have wrote a lot but haven’t got around to posting any of it yet. Feeling numb is something that is hard to work through, especially when it hits you hard. High school adds a lot to the pressure to life also. Homework, being social, music, sports, they all contribute to a large mountain that you have to face everyday. Along with school, family is also thrown into that mix. Some people get along great with their family, others not so much. Lots of times, if your parents are not supporting you, another adult figure in your life does and helps you out. Having that person helps a lot, especially when you are put in a tough situation. Life is honestly just all about dealing. Dealing with people, situations, stress, work, and yourself. I am the first one to admit that i get frustrated with myself quite often. Sometimes you truly have to learn how to forgive yourself and move on. I think that’s the biggest struggle that we get through in life. But its something that we all have to be able to do. Overall, life is difficult but you eventually learn how to roll with the punches and learn from them. So until you reach that point, give yourself a little bit of a break and remember that life happens and you can do it.

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