We all have our weak points in life, whether it be more when we were younger, or even a senior in high school. The most important thing when we go through those rough patches is that we build from them and don’t let them keep us down. And i think that is the hardest part of going through a situation, is when you have to push yourself even harder than before to improve from what you used to be. But when you get to that end point, it is so worth it. Today my school councilor and my band director who i have mentioned i am close with, sat me down and basically had a intervention type of thing. I’m not gonna lie, it was absolutely horrible. But to a extent it got the point across. They talked to me about my grades, school life, personal life, and what i need to do to help myself. The hardest thing to do from this point is to forgive them for helping me. When you reach a certain point, asking for help can be hard, so when it come you don’t want to accept it or the people that gave it to you. But you learn that they were exactly what you needed. ¬†Overall, everything is about finding that strength to move on, and the motivation to continue what you started. When you finally find those tools they help a lot, its just a matter of finding them. With that said, i am definitely pouting right now haha. I’m upset that i didn’t have any warning about what was going to happen, but that’s only because i’m someone who doesn’t take to surprises at all. But it was the right thing to do, and i will eventually forgive them, i might just need some time to accomplish that. Life happens.

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