You always look forward to the day you can just leave and get away from this place. However that couldn’t be farther from the truth. When you get to your senior year, everything will become your last.

You will have your last sports game, pep band performance, concert, drum major performance, and last time in the room you have called home for so many years of your life. You gave a piece of yourself to the place you grew up, the place that has seen you at your best and worst. But you still think things will continue and you wont miss this.

You have your last practice and class with your best friends. You know that at some point you will have to say goodbye to the people who know you better than you know yourself, but you tell yourself that you wont miss this.

You have one month left and you are beyond excited knowing that you are going to graduate, spend your entire summer with your friends, and then go to college. You start to celebrate you’re last moments and you feel like time is going to fast, but you know you wont miss this.

There is one week left. You have your last Friday, last Monday, and so on. You feel everyday growing longer and longer as you start to feel the pain of every last moment, the same moments that felt so amazing weeks ago. You say goodbye to your friends and the people who you have grown up with for 18 years. You know you will see your best friends tomorrow but you know no matter how many times you say goodbye, you will never be ready for that last time.

The truth is, you WILL miss this. You will start to cry knowing you cant go back to the place that was basically your home. You cry because the friend that is moving, your afraid you will never see again. You cry because you will no longer be able to go out to lunch all together again. You finally understand how much you are gonna miss this.You know there will be times when you are back but it will never be the same as when you were a student. Truth is, for the first time in a long time, you have to grow up and know that in order to fly you have to leave the nest. You will always be afraid that you might fall, but that’s part of the journey. Were all on a path, and we all eventually have to step off and find our own path, this is the time.

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