Life isn’t always fair. There isn’t any fairies with pixie dust or story book endings. There is life. What you do with it is up to you. We have songs that tell you “Once I was seven years old my Momma told me, Go make yourself some friends or you’ll be lonely” and others that tell you “I can almost hear him now, Gotta make him proud”. We teach ourselves that we have to make others proud of us and your opinion isn’t the only one that matters. We are told at a young age that you need to grow up.

It shouldn’t matter that your the only one that is proud that you made it through the day without being upset because your strong on your own and you accomplished your own goal. It shouldn’t matter that you needed a break from everyone for a few minutes because there is so much pressure on you. What should matter is that you made it through the day. It should matter that you accomplished a goal no matter how big of small. All that should matter is that your happy. Isn’t that what we are always striving for? Happiness?

Truth is, we don’t know everything about each other and the one person that is always gonna be there is yourself, because you know yourself more than anyone ever will. You know the struggles you have been through, your dorky years, and what go your through everything in between. It doesn’t matter what everyone thinks about you. And it doesn’t matter that a lot of people have opinions about you that you may or may not agree with. You just have to be strong for yourself.

Life is hard, just remember to hold on to one thing that keeps you grounded, it doesn’t matter who or what it is, but know that whatever happens, everything will be okay in the end and you are strong. You will be okay!

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