Dear Cassi,

I wish that you could see who you would become years later when you made it to college. Surprise! You made it all the way here when you thought you never would. You survived all the years of being sick, all of the heartbreak, all of the homework (well that is still kinda happening…), and most of all you survived the change. You have never really been too accepting when it comes to change. You should be proud of yourself though because you have gone through so much throughout the years and you are still here. You still struggle sometimes but truth is, who doesnt? You have improved alot since you were a kid. You havnt been majorly sick for almost four years, you made it to college and are pursuing what you love, and you havent gave up. I remember when all you wanted to do in life was give up and you so badly wanted to end everything that you had. Im so happy you didnt because even though there are times where the world is a bad place, there are so many more times where the world is a wonderful place and makes all of the pain so worth it. I hope that someday you will see that everyday and you wont ever have to worry if something goes wrong that you wont want to keep fighting. I hope that someday you soul goes back to white like it was when you were a kid and that you feel true happiness all of the time. I hope you feel the world for what it is supposed to be, not the thing that it is shown as. You are worth so much more than you ever gave yourself credit for.

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