Rarely do I ever truly feel lost in this big world. I am a puzzle with so many missing pieces that its near impossible to put the rest back together. But what are you supposed to do when some of the pieces are turned over and you can’t flip them? You just sit there staring because you know that the answer is on the other side of those pieces and you can’t see them. Truth is, that’s what it feels like every day to me. Just some days you have more flipped over than others. There is no running or hiding from this, because its who I am. Its like asking someone if they want a food while knowing that they are allergic to it. We are a split world and just when we thought we were coming together, we made the decision to choose someone who has the power to destroy everything that some of us know we are. Some people live in a world of fear because of who they are and what they feel. How is that fair? The world once had color and more and more I see the world turning to gray. I’m part of the section of the world seeing the colors fade away. What is the fun in a world full of so much gray that you can’t even see colors anymore? Where is the light at the end of the tunnel? Is there one?

Here’s the answer:

I don’t know.

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