We all have regrets in life that we wish so badly that we could go back and change and sometimes were not able to do that. When that happens sometimes you have to just forgive and forget. Other times it is in your position to do the opposite. Sometimes you just have to learn to let the person or thing go. You have to be able to do whats best for yourself and if that means losing a person you forgave everyday, then maybe its time. That doesnt mean that you have to take them out of your life completely but removing them from your everyday life might not be a bad thing. You shouldnt have to sit there and appologize for something that isnt even your fault every single day, because you deserve better. Dont destroy yourself because of what a few people who dont even know you think isnt worth it. We all change, its the truth. We wish that we would all change at the same time but sometimes that doesnt happen and you lose the people you love.

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