Most people who have a eating disorder call it something. They give it a name and make it their enemy so they fight it and get better. I never saw my depression as a bad person to fight. Don’t get me wrong, I am fighting my depression with every bit I can, but I never saw it as a alternate person. Today I went down to the cafeteria and the voice as I call it started. The voice that tells me everyone is staring at me, that everyone around me is judging me. The voice that destroys my self esteem in a matter of seconds until all I want to do is cry. The voice talks to me as if I am a completely different person from my anxiety. That brings me to here where all I want in life’s pain then. Because all I hear is the voice reminding me of my flaws and and telling me I am worthless. The voice rarely stops. It’s a mix of my depression and anxiety, two things are struggle with greatly on a daily basis. So I come back to this, would naming my disorder help me get through it?

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