Life is a stream of constant heartbreak. You make friends, you lose them. You get a crush, you get shot down. I started at Harper knowing not a single person, I wanted a new start so that’s what I tried for. It’s amazing how much more you see when you don’t have the stress of friends. I wanted friends though, so I tried. I met some amazing people, and some people who I thought were amazing. I didn’t see that there was any difference until later when I got my first crush here.
He’s one of the sweetest guys I have ever met, and I still have feelings for him. But he’s a oblivious guy. He was the first person that accepted me as a friend without me having to try. I had a crush on him pretty early in the year once we started to really talk. Let’s call him person B.
My first friend I got close with I truly had to make a effort to become friends with. She was in one of my music classes and we sat next to each other but she intimidated me so I never talked to her. Finally I got the courage to talk to her and we started to get close. She was a pretty cool person and she honestly made my days so much better. Let’s call her person A.
I was close with person A and B and it was great, we were what we called, The Triangle. We were friends with each other. Everything was amazing and I loved how things were going. It wasn’t until I had a crush on person B, and loved him with my entire heart that I saw person A and B we’re dating. It broke my heart in more pieces than I can count. We would sit on skype and they would flirt, without them even knowing how in love I was with person B. It wasn’t until their first big fight that I realized I was in the middle of the relationship and I was stuck that way.
Through the fights, the drama, the love, the friendship, I was there. It broke my heart more and more but I never said anything. They got into a fight around Christmas and I was told by Person A that she didn’t have any feelings for B. B was telling me he had no feelings for A. I trusted them and that was the worst mistake I ever made. After much more drama, I realized that person A was still in love with B, and B never stopped loving A. But at that point I had already told them my love for B.

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