This isn’t even gonna be a entire post I’m just venting cuz I’m not in a good mood right now. Literally we decided to do my room, so we did the computer and I finally got all the photos off of it, but of course Aunt L and Bell came, and I really just don’t want to see them. Like that was two hours they kept talking and now it’s 2, mom is gonna sit and watch this movie and then want dinner and nothing is gonna get accomplished. I can’t do the back room by myself. I have the strength but I don’t have the balance to carry stuff over everything without getting hurt. Like I need someone else but the only person that can help is doing everything by helping me. And my dad just keeps snapping at me and it’s really just annoying me right now. I’m not doing anything wrong, I’m sorry I want to get as much done before fall semester starts cuz then I’m not gonna have the time to do it. But no. Everything I do is wrong. The paint color I chose isn’t what mom wants so I can’t do it. I can clean out my room on my own when they arnt Home, but When they’re Home I just need a little bit of help. God I wish I didn’t need them. I wish I was on my own because then if I screw up at least it’s my own fault and not because my parents won’t help me. For once I have energy, for me to keep pushing is freakin hard so if I actually manage to do it I wish my mom would push a little bit too. Ugh. I’m just not in the mood right now.

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