All day I thought I wanted to type a lot tonight, not so sure about that now considering its 10:30pm. I admit i’m crying while typing this, guess today was just a little bit harder than normal. My dad went for a doctors appointment and treatment today. They took away as many of the medications as they could while still continuing treatment. Basically the doctor said that they are gonna do another treatment in four weeks and that combined with less meds should help him recover. For the past few weeks we were told someone was coming to our house to talk to dad and figure out whats been going on with him. I didn’t really think much of it until today, mom called me while I was at work to give me a update and told me the company that is sending someone to our home was Journey Care. The same company that provided hospice for grandma. Hearing that hit a bit too hard. Today in general was just a little bit too hard.

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