Its not even 10am yet and I’ve had two students call and yell at me, ask for my supervisor, and then have him tell the student the exact same thing but they listen to him because he doesn’t sound like a ten years old on the phone. Like why can’t everyone just get along and be friends. Why do people have to be mean. And what’s making this a little worse is today is the employee lunch for the entire college and my boss wants us all to go and honestly I’m somewhat terrified. Big groups of people are not my thing, and adding food to that just makes it worse. I just really want to go home and curl up in bed. I just don’t want to deal with life to be honest. I’m  kind of frustrated with myself about some stuff and it sucks. Its just annoying because its one of those things I really just want to tell myself to get over it, but I know I can tell myself that all day everyday and its not going to change anything.

So 7pm update: I avoided the lunch and all me and the other student worker did was walk around the campus. Also, when I left I decided to get a Dr.Pepper and I just put it in my purse since I was holding all my new textbooks. Got to my car, drove around the college and wasn’t really paying attention to the drink as I was opening it since I was driving and there was a minor explosion of Dr.Pepper all over me, my seat, and the entire steering wheel. Literally over half the drink was on me. Amen for wet wipes though 😂. Honestly I wasn’t even mad, I sent a Snapchat to the other student worker and we both started laughing so hard we cried. It was pretty awesome. I’ve been planning on cleaning my car for a few weeks but just couldn’t bring myself to do it, however the explosion of Dr.Pepper didn’t really give me a option. However, cleaning just my seat turned into all the seats and the floor, which led to cleaning every little aspect of my car. Like my car is so beautiful and clean inside it’s amazing. Took 5 hours but it was totally worth the exhaustion to have it that clean. I admit, I’m kind of proud of myself for actually doing it. 

9pm update cuz why now: So my mom just chewed me out so that was great. Thank you mom, for reminding me that I am completely worthless and can’t do anything right just because I didn’t take your dinner into the kitchen for once. Thank you for throwing the fact I cant afford to live on my own right now in my face. You are right, your money supports this family. Congrats. Please tell me more about how incompetent I am. I appreciate your rude comments. 

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