Hardships often prepare ordinary people for an extraordinary destiny. – C.S. Lewis

If I have learned anything in my life, its that life can be complicated sometimes. Health problems are a frequent occurrence in my family. My freshman year of high school my dad has a heart attack and had heart surgery, sophomore year my Uncle John had open heart surgery, my junior year my grandma passed from renal failure, my senior year my cousin was diagnosed with kidney failure. I always thought I was bullet proof, once I went through this much I thought nothing else could hurt me. And then college happened. My first semester at Harper my Uncle John had a stroke. I was devastated. I remember going to the hospital where I  live and waiting them for them to take him Flight for Life to the University of Illinois Medical Center in Chicago. Everyone was waiting outside of the room waiting for me and my dad to arrive at the hospital, my uncle always wanted us there first. When we got there he asked for me to come in and slide the door close. I did. It took everything in me not to start tearing up, simply because I had no clue what was going on. I stood there for five minutes as he told me how much he loved me and was beyond proud of me. My Uncle has always been very outspoken that I am his favorite, and everyone knew it. What followed was a month of endless drives to Chicago, tests that nobody understood the results of, and nights praying. Finally they said it was a stroke, one that could have been much worse than it was. They did a surgery to put a drain in and let him go home with follow ups every week. I had hope there would be no more medical issues, but obviously that didn’t happen. My dad got diagnosed with stage four lung cancer last march, and that has been an adventure.

At 12:45am this morning my cousin texted me to tell me that she didn’t want to wake anyone up but knew I would know the best thing to do. My Uncle John was in the hospital near me in the ICU with a breathing tube in and a extremely high blood pressure. They thought it was another stroke but couldn’t know for sure. He came in and could barely breathe so they had no other option but to place the tube. He was going to once again be flown Flight for Life to University of Illinois Medical Center. Three minutes later I got a text saying they were on their way there. I woke up at 3am when my TV reset and saw my phone screen with these two messages. I waited to wake up my parents, figuring I could go back to sleep however that has not happened yet and its 11am now. When my parents woke up at six I told them. There was nothing we could do other than to wait for more information. My cousin texted me again two hours ago and said they put a drain in his head, and he has no function of the left side of his body. Me and my dad might drive down to the hospital today, but i’m not sure i’m ready for all of the emotions. My dad isn’t exactly kind and gentle when he’s emotional, only aggravated. Walking into a hospital, I feel the emotion from all of the pain and past emotions I felt throughout the years of hospital trips. I just kept hoping maybe this wouldn’t happen again, but unfortunately it has.

Its been a pretty hard week, one full of a lot of pain and fear. I guess what doesn’t kill you make you stronger.

“We are problems that want to be solved
We are children that need to be loved
We were willin’, we came when you called
But man, you fooled us, enough is enough” -P!nk

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