5/15/18 (from April 9th)

I feel like I’m in a building after a tornado, and people searched the area for survivors, but missed me. Me. Alone. Trapped until sheets of concrete and broken glass. I’m hurt, broken, scared, and lost… so, so lost. This is what I feel like in this world, but instead of helping the person who is hurt, broken, and scared, they simply say “Stay strong”. I’m 20 years old and have been staying strong my entire life. If I had physical wounds nobody would think twice about helping me but with this they just say strong over and over as if that helps me in the slightest. Sometimes they don’t even say anything at all. If it’s isn’t physically seen then guess it doesn’t matter. Maybe I don’t matter then? I have worked to make something of myself and then I still get stuck in the ruble from a tornado that went through but nobody cares because the don’t see my physically injured. So many people don’t believe in mental illness and when you struggling and nobody close to you believes, suddenly that are trapped in the ruble with no escape other than yourself. It’s hard to save yourself when you know you are completely alone and feel like you can breathe. What then? You know you don’t have any other option to fight because otherwise you will die down there, because of all the ruble stacked on top of you.

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