Staying Home


  • Staying in my dream room
  • Will be home if there was a emergency
  • More time with Dad
  • Less hurt on my family
  • Physically closer to family
  • More quiet*
  • Still with pumpkin
  • No major change
  • No feeling obligated to do anything


  • Tention between me and my parents*
  • Less freedom
  • Less privacy
  • Feeling like I can’t be myself*
  • Cant be completely open about everything*
  • Longer drive to school
  • Feeling like I don’t belong*
  • More triggers/constant reminders
  • Less support*
  • Less feelings of safety*


Moving out


  • Feeling safe in general*
  • Feeling safe when wanting to SH or suicidal*
  • Being able to be myself*
  • Feeling like I have more freedom
  • Soending time with my parents because I want to not have to*
  • Earning money over the summer
  • More to do
  • Feeling ‘welcome’ in the entire house*
  • More privacy
  • My voice being heard and matters*
  • Quicker drive to school
  • Explore who I am without pressure from family*


  • Less time on my own
  • Different room/space
  • Not being home if there is an emergency
  • Less time with my dad
  • Might hurt my family’s feelings
  • A lot of effort on moving
  • Overall big change
  • Pumpkin
  • More chaos
  • Feeling like I am lost

What comes to your mind when you think of “What makes a home, a home?” Top 3:

1.Feeling Safe

2.Being able to be me

3. Feeling like im not invisible, being heard, feeling wanted, feeling loved.

Put a * next to each item listed that is a core value.

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