Well. I had therapy today except it was more like a complete venting session. I basically explained everything that has happened with Jack, my family, and going back to work. I talked the entire time, I think my therapist only got a few words in.

7 thoughts on “6/22/18

  1. My spare bedroom is always open to ya, you wouldn’t even need to talk or interact with me. No questions asked.

    Also, if you read a text and you don’t know what to say. I recomend just sending a -> . A period. Shows you read it but just don’t have anything to say.

    Hang in there.


      1. I’m so hurt it’s crazy.

        People who use and abuse others to feel better about themselves are all bullies. And I think you are too. You are just like everyone you hate. And I guess it’s good you threw me away so quickly. It could have been worse.

        With everything I had going on I shouldn’t have expected myself to put it all aside and help you. But I did. Clearly it was the wrong call.

        I honestly think my biggest regret in life was meeting you. I hope life gets harder for you. Maybe rock bottom will show you what words never could.


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